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About Our Products

We sell rebuilt and reprogrammed ECM's, PCM's, and TCM's for most domestic and foreign vehicles. All of our parts are fully programmed and updated before they are shipped and are ready to be plugged in and run your vehicle. There is no need to bring you or your vehicle to the dealership when you order from us. We use factory scan tools in addition to custom programmers and software to program our parts. We do not use generic or aftermarket software, we pay for software and updates from every make of vehicle that we service. When you order from us, you get the real deal.

You can have confidence in our parts. When we say that a part is rebuilt, it has really been rebuilt. We do not shine and paint used parts and try to pass them off as rebuilt or new. All of our standard rebuilt parts are opened, tested, and all failed components and components that usually fail are replaced. Our technicians have decades of experience with your parts, you do not have to worry about the common mistakes that smaller companies make

We use the highest quality replacement parts. We do not use no name or cheap components, our inventories include brand names like Sony, Panasonic, and Motorola. We guarantee that your part will last longer than it did when it came off of the assembly line. We offer an available Lifetime warranty to back up our work, ask about it when placing your order.

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